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How the technology of the automobile revolutionized the United States

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April 2009

How the technology of the automobile revolutionized the United States

Americans have given this country and the world, many technological advancements that have changed our lives in numerous ways. While this author does not believe that only one technological change has had the single most effect on life in this country, the creation of the automobile is by far one of the most significant and has drastically changed life.

History will prove that most inventors see another’s work and can expand, improve and create something new out of it. “I invented nothing new,” said Henry Ford. “I simply assembled into a car the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work” (Evans, 2004, ¶ 9). As a young boy Henry Ford was inspired by the steam engine to build what eventually became the engine for the automobile and the automobile itself (Johnston, 2009).

The automobile made travel easier and more comfortable than the horse and buggy. People were able to move from one location to another in less time, travel became more enjoyable and efficient. With the invention of the car, roadways were built to allow a person to drive to his or her desired destination as there were far fewer roadways for horse and buggies. Hence, Henry Ford opened the door for many more inventions due to his own, even though he created the Model T to handle the rough terrain of the times. With the invention of the car came the assembly line, another technological advancement. From the creation of the assembly line came the concept of a work shift of eight hours enabling people to work for an honest day’s pay (Nolin, 2008).

Due to the automobile, Americans are able to travel to many locations with ease. Dozens of short trips are taken each week in the car as well as long distance trips, now more than ever before...