Parable of the Sadhu Case Analysis

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The Parable of the Sadhu – Notes from the group analysis.

1. Define the main issues presented in the case.

- Individual ethics.

- Define ethics inside a group/ organization.

- What is the impact in the individual ethics of the group.

- Ethics: group of values which influences behaviours.

- Corporate ethics.

- lack of leadership and group values

- humanitarian responsibility

- moral values.

- limited responsibilities.

- appease their conscience without hindering their personal goals.

2. Evaluate how the key parties acted and what factors might have influenced their behavior:

a) author

- self-centered on his personal goal, only laid him on top of some rocks and took the sadhu’s pulse.

- his personal path to achievement was driving him away from the morale responsibility

- he kept going, after the new Zealanders.

b) author's friend Steven

- very conscious.

- he could relate with the sadhu’s altitude sickness, because he already experienced it before.

- He is a quaker and has the quaker moral vision, and religiousness.

- he and the swiss team gave the sadhu some clothing.

- he kept going behind the swiss team.

c) Swiss team

- they gave some other apparels and some clothes too.

- moral concern.

- then they kept going.

d) New Zealand team

- they carried the sadhu below the snow line. Then passed the responsibility for the others.

Factors: self centered on their personal goals.

- kept going back to cross the pass before the ice melts.

- dropped the responsibility on the ‘next one’

e) Japanese team

- refused to lend the horse

- gave food and drink

- kept going.

3. What should be our role in helping others-in business and in our personal life?

- Role in helping others in business:


Process the guides and follow.

His responsibility is to stand by their subordinates and accompany them through their dark times.

- Role in helping others in personal life:

See if the help is needed, then decide if the...