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6th March 2011





* Lack of clarity regarding job responsibilities of each employee and the requirements of his/her job

* Gap between need and what is available. There is no one to clean during the shift

* Rigidity in job specifications

* Absence of a spirit of taking initiative or doing anything outside the prescribed job

* Inefficiency in planning job specifications

* Questionable leadership, motivational qualities of leader

* Inability of manager to get results promptly

Boundary limits

* We have not been provided with the actual job specifications so whatever is given in the case is taken to be the only basis on which the case solution has been solved.


* Machine Operator spilt oil in a large quantity around the machine.

* Supervisor asked him to clean it but he refused because his job specification only required him to keep his machine in working condition and did not require him clean the floor.

* The service worker also refused to clean it up because his job specification stated that he was responsible for assisting the operators and fetching materials during machine operation but nothing was mentioned about floor cleaning

* The sweeper’s job specification mentioned floor cleaning but his work shift started only after the shift ended.


* Company has a well-established HR department.

* Job specifications have been clearly drafted by the HR department and the employees, workers are fully aware of their responsibilities.

Case Solution

In general this a case of misunderstanding which happens at many levels not only in business organizations but anywhere where there exists a hierarchy of some sorts and a job is to be done. In this case, there is a...