Swot Analysis of Julie's Bakeshop

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I guess every Filipino knows this bakeshop. Now it has become a common bakeshop with more than 500 stores serving every Filipinos. The owner, Julie Gandionco and her sons as far as I remember was already featured on some TV shows. But little that we know how it started from a humble beginning.

The Julie’s Bakeshop story is the kind that hits close to home, particularly because it was born out of the needs of a family which something most people can relate to. When she reached the age of 47, Julie Gandioco’s duties as a mother were becoming less and less demanding. Her children – Bobby, Rico and Opep were already in college, and the rest Oding, Neil and Patty were in high school. Her kid’s educational expenses were going up and her husband’s sugar farm was not doing well. So she thought that there was something that she must do to help her husband.Baking bread to create an enterprise of Filipino taste at its finest is what Julie’s Bakeshop has in its ovens.

The first Julie’s Bakeshop stood in Mandaue City in January 1981. The woman behind the bakeshop chain, Julie Gandioco decided to put up the store to meet the growing demand for bread in her canteen in a rattan furniture company.

Success proved to be handy for Julie’s Bakeshop that after only six months, the second store was opened in the province.

Then the pursuit to put the company in stronger footing started. In 1984, RJ Commodities was established as a central warehouse for Julie’s Bakeshop to ensure the steady supply of quality ingredients and bakery supplies for the business. Its main operations were initially put up in Visayas and Mindano.

Further in its successful timeline is the opening of a store in Iloilo, its first store outside Cebu, in 1988.

Julie’s Bakeshop has a vision to be in every town and be the most sought-after Food Franchising Company maintaining leadership in the neighborhood bakeshop market. This is a bid to address the growing demand for quality bread.

The increasing product demand...