Human Resources Management Mid Term Exam

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Multiple Choice & Questions

1. As profiled in “The ‘Brain Drain’: How to Get Talented Women to Stay,” Wachovia senior vice president Rosie Saez recalls that when she could have been a victim within the corporate hierarchy, she instead figured out ways to:

a. ally herself with other woman of color in leadership positions.

b. become more aggressive than those she saw as aggressors.

c. develop one-on-one relationships with those who were making her

feel excluded.

d. avoid her victimizers and focus on her own work.

2. As related in “The ‘Brain Drain’: How to Get Talented Women to Stay,” when Ellen Galinsky, president and cofounder of the Families and Work Institute, talks about a company that “sets up a group of women to say what stands in the way of their success,” she is referring to:

a. Eastman Kodak.

b. Aetna.

c. IBM.

d. her Families and Work Institute.

3. As brought out in “The ‘Brain Drain’: How to Get Talented Women to Stay,” Sherry Nolan of the Pepsi Bottling Group admits there are few type A woman executives who are not also:

a. a source of anxiety for their support staff.

b. after-hours loners.

c. demanding wives.

d. type A mothers.

4. As mentioned in “The ‘Brain Drain’: How to Get Talented Women to Stay,” Louise Liang, a senior vice president with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, addresses the issue of opportunities when she tells of being fresh out of training and getting hired by Henry Ford Hospital to be its new clinic’s first:

a. public-relations administrator.

b. nurse practitioner.

c. pediatrician.

d. director of human resources.

5. As cited in “The ‘Brain Drain’: How to Get Talented Women to Stay,” what information does the National Center for Education Statistics provide on the status of college degrees, by gender, in the United States?

The National Center for Education Statistics state that women have earned most of the associate’s, bachelors and...

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