12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men

Final Paper Conflict Theory

Analytical paper and in-depth analysis of the film 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

Final Paper Conflict Theory

Analytical paper and in-depth analysis of the film 12 Angry Men

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Section 1 Definition(s) 3

Biological 3

Traditional Communication 5

Social Structural 6

Section 2 7

Scene 1: Brief Description 7

Analysis 7

Scene 2 Brief Description 8

Analysis 8

Section 3 –Use of Theory 9

Perspective Biological 9

Traditional Communication 10

Perspective Social Structure 11

Conclusion 12

Works Cited 13


This paper is to look at three different theories of conflict, their definition, an analysis of two scenes from the movie 12 Angry Men and how each theory impacted the outcome of the discussion between the groups during the deliberation. In the movie a jury of 12 men must decide whether or not to reach a verdict to sentence a 19 year old defendant to death by electric chair. Even before the jury is released to deliberate, it was obvious that the theories of conflict would bring forth points of contention based on each individual’s worldview and perception.

Initially, eleven of the twelve jurors are adamant that the defendant is “guilty”. Only one of the jurors, Davis, believes there is a possibility that the defendant could be innocent. This juror refuses to conform to the group and argues that the decision to sentence a young man to death should “at least consider the possibility he is innocent” (12 Angry Men, 1957). As the debate plays out the Davis becomes one of the leaders within the group and begins to convince the others that there is “reasonable doubt”. His debate over guilty or not guilty is the basis for conflict in the movie.

As the plot thickens it is clear to the audience that Davis’s conflict management style was emphatic. Throughout the movie, his communication with the other jurors was not that of a bully but from a position...

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