Reaction Paper: Rizal Behind Bars

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Rizal Behind Bars

Before watching the play in Pius XII Auditorium last August 7, 2011, I had imagined it to be similar or even better than the previous plays, such as Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which I was able to watch when I was in high school. Just the same, they were both musicals. But the plays that I have previously watched then showed a more specific storyline in comparison to the play Rizal Behind Bars. They focused more on the events and seemed to add the singing as they tried to enhance their play.

I neither liked nor despised the play Rizal Behind Bars. I was looking at their website and found out that the play wad originally performed last July 2008 and they only repeated their performance. When the play had begun, it was evident all throughout that the cast was enjoying what they were doing, and I take that as a positive point. The act was good and actors and actresses naturally did their roles, but since the cast was too lax in their acting, some actors/actresses were seen laughing and not taking the act seriously. Although that was the case, there were some who stood out because of their outstanding performance like the actor for Dr. Jose Rizal, which I also commend, not only his emotions, but his remarkable voice. I also admired the actress for Sisa since she had the right mix of emotions and great acting.

The storyline, like I have mentioned, seemed to take detours and gets off shore. As some would say, people who are not very aware of Rizal’s life would not be able to understand the play much. But I admired the creativity of the director and script-writer/s for being able to produce a very unique way of re-enacting some of the significant events in Rizal’s life. The dancing and the singing were not as bad to me as others would comment on, but in some of the dancing, the dancers were not that synchronized and it was very obvious that I think it is the reason why others would say they were inappropriate....

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