Fantastic Voyage

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On to my next fantastic voyage, and this time I am finding myself again as a video reporter piloting a mini-sub that that will be put through a miniaturization, and I will be swallowed by a 55 year old man when he eating a hamburger, some french fries and a root beer. I will tour his gastrointestinal tract and monitor the digestion of his meal and along the way. I will describe all the major structures I pass by. Also, I will able to describe what happens to the meal during the digestion process. Once I arrive at the distal ileum, I will go through the mucosal membrane and enter the bloodstream via the Superior Mesenteric Vein. Once I get to the bloodstream, I will make my way to the left kidney. Then I will trace my path from the superior mesenteric vein through the left renal artery, via the hepatic portal vein, heart and lungs, at the same time describing all the major structures that I will have pass by. Once I arrive to the kidney, I will enter the closest nephron by crossing the glomerular membrane into Bowman’s capsule and describe all the structures that I had seen. From there I will narrate what happens as I travel through the urinary tract until leaving the body via the urethra, based on my first-hand observations.

Gastrointestinal tract or also known as the alimentary canal consists of the mouth, Pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the anus. The accessory organs include the tongue, glands in the mouth, the pancreas, liver and gallbladder. Each one of these organs and accessory organs play a vital part in the digestion process. My journey begins even before the man takes his first bite of his meal. At first sight or smell of his meal, his body has already begun the process, his salivary glands, located under the tongue by the lower jaw, begins producing saliva. As the man begins to devour his meal, his mouth goes to work. His teeth begin to tear and chop the food, simple by chewing. In the mouth, the...