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Elsie Grace S. Pepito


Nature, Structure, Goals and Content of Makabayan

-Dalisay V. Rigor, Ph.D.

At the end of this Chapter, the learner should be able to:

a. analyze the nature, goals and content of Makabayan;

b. present scenarios where Makabayan is applicable; and

c. appreciate Makabayan as a learning area.

Nature and Structure of Makabayan

What is said of Makabayan as a learning area?

• Makabayan is said to be a “laboratory of life” or a practice environment.

• It is the learning area that provides the Filipino learner the quality time to demonstrate practical knowledge and skills of empathy, vocational efficiency and problem solving in daily life.

• Love of country serves as the unifying principle for the diverse values in this learning area, thus it is called pagkakabayan or makabayan for short.

• As a practice environment, Makabayan will cultivate in the learner a healthy, personal and national self-concept which includes an adequate understanding of Philippine history and a genuine appreciation of our local culture, crafts, arts, music and games.

• Makabayan will promote a constructive or healthy patriotism which is neither hostile nor isolationist toward other nations but appreciative of global interdependence.

• The core competencies in the elementary level come from varied disciplines such as Social Studies, Home Economics, Physical Education, Health, Music and Arts.

• In the secondary level competencies come from Araling Panlipunan, Technology and Livelihood Education, Music Arts, Physical Education and Health, Citizenship Training, and Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga.

• These competencies will be developed through integrated units of learning task whenever such integrated units are possible and appropriate.


Pagkatapos ng aralin, ang mga mag-aaral ay inaasahang:

a. magkaroon ng malinaw na kaisipan tungkol sa...

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