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What is the difference between information technology and computer science engineering college degrees?


The information technology course module has been designed with more of software part in the course whereas Computer Science includes more of computer hardware part like networking, chip level knowledge etc. Although some of the subjects are same in both the streams.


Information Technology is the business side of computers - usually dealing with databases, business, and accounting. The cs engineering degree usually deals with how to build micro processors, how to write a compiler, and is usually more math intensive than IT. One way to think of it is one is dealing with information - data which would be the IT and the other is dealing with the "science" or "how to make it" of computers.


The exact answer depends heavily on the college or university in question, as each tends to split things slightly differently. As a generalization, there are actually three fields commonly associated with computers: 


Information Technology - this sometimes also goes by the names "Information Systems", "Systems Administration", or "Business Systems Information/Administration". This is a practical engineering field, concerned primarily with taking existing hardware and software components and designing a larger system to solve a particular business function. Here you learn about some basic information theory, applied mathematics theory, and things like network topology/design, database design, and the like. IT concerns itself with taking building blocks such as servers, operating systems, network switches, and software applications and creating a whole system to solve a problem (such as creating a sales order handling systems). 

Computer Science - this is a theoretical field, with emphasis on the mathematical basis which underlies modern programming. That is, computer science is primarily software-oriented, as it concerns itself with...