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Project 5

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

To bring the café into 21st century, we have decided to replace the manual employee tracking system which was implemented in 1950 to newer version, the computerized one. Fortunately, we have an employee who has high technical skills that can build the computerized employee tracking system for us. We could also purchase one of the many COST applications, software and have an outsourcing firm customize the application for the café. There are benefits and shortcomings to consider before making the final decision whether to purchase or have an employee to build them for us.

If the employee builds the system, we can save a lot of money. To purchase the application or have outsourcing firm to customize the system would be expensive for small business such as the Broadway Café. If the employee builds the system, not only can save money, but also utilize his knowledge about the café and current employment system. However, if the employee tracking system done internally by the employee, there is no warranty if there is problem with the system. There is also need for worrying about technical support and finding someone else capable of fixing the system that this employee built himself, if he does not work at the café anymore. In addition, there is a control issue. We are not in total control of the system he builds. The employee who built the system can change something without letting the management know. That would create a big trouble.

We could also purchase a COST time and attendance application and outsourcing company to customize the system, but this could be very expensive and need a long time to adapt to the application. There might be no guarantee of continued support from supplier, or need to buy extra warranty which can be expensive. Also, there will be no guarantee of compatibility of successive versions, which can result of being stuck with old version in the future. Since it is made by company, the...