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Kaitlin Steve Tessa Keegan Marketing Channel Management Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement Given the uncertainty associated with player demand, how should Reebok approach inventory planning for NFL replica jerseys? Any Questions? What should Reeboks goal be? Should Reebok minimize inventory at the end of the season? Or maximize profits? Can Reebok achieve both? Takeaways: What service level should Reebok provide to its customers? Where Reebok Stands Today Reebok International Ltd. is headquartered in Canton, Massachussettes Employs approximately 7,400 people Well known for their sports apparel and footwear brands A Bit of Background Reebok was originally a small British Shoe Company created in 1979 Paul Fireman continues to be the chairman and CEO after ushering Reebok into North America in 1985 How it Works The annual sales cycle starts in January/February which accounts for 20% of sales Perfect Partners Thus far, Reebok is doing an excellent job in regards to preaseason sales because there is only so much you can do to predict which teams and players will be popular that far in advance. Reebok should definitely have a team doing research to have an accurate forecast on which teams and players might become popular as the season gets closer so that they can have more inventory of that product. Reebok should also considering purchasing more "blanks" because in the longrun, its going to be cheaper to produce and its going to help their forecasting if something goes wrong. With Reebok being completely sports oriented and the NFL being all about football, these two make a perfect combination for selling merchandise. Demand Patterns Production Rates Forecasting Lead Time Flexible Availability Reebok Customer Because player demand is so uncertain, Reebok needs to, in our opinion, make sure that they have enough "blank" jerseys on hand to be able to screen print the product...

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