Sales and Inventory System

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Computerized Sales And Inventory System
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Sales And Inventory System
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Sales And Inventory System
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1.1 Introduction

The modern technology in our generation has enlightened to our world and it is changeable, as the existence of the new technologies reveals competitive procedure in business.

Since we are looking an establishment that has a manual process of transaction, eventually we found a store somewhere in Datu Piang Maguindanao. First thing that we think to do is to ask permission for that particular owned person if ever that we conduct an interview for our Software Engineering special project and after the conversation, they agreed. This store is very poor in terms of modern technology and that is the reason why the researchers chose this client.

Sales and Inventory System for Rhodthes Grocery is simply an easy way of researching, inquiring the availability of the products. It is actually fast gives the result of the list of all products query. Also it shows all the records or transactions that were made in the establishment. This system requires the following transactions: Point of sale, Purchased Product, Product Entry.

Rhodthes Grocery is one of the establishments located at Poblacion of Dulawan Datu Piang Maguindanao owned by Mr. Nasrudin G. Empal together of his wife. It was established in the year 2005 and began its full operation in the early January 2007. Since it is a grocery, the management performs an inventory annually in order to monitor the store income. The management prepares to have a perpetual kind of inventory in monitoring the total number of items display in the store as well as in the stock room. Computerized Sales and Inventory System is uniquely design to aid the management to solve the problems with regards to stock inventory and sales matters. It is great advantage for the management to learn and know about computers especially in a perplexing world of business.

1.2 Business Rules:

* Generation of Sales Receipt

In generating the sales receipt, the cashier will write one by one the purchased...

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