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Banaag at Sikat

Known to be the “Bible of the Filipino laborers”, the story talked about how powerful wealth is when it comes to love and societal standing. However it also discussed about some moves to oppose the wealthy people in their wrong doings.

The story revolves around the character of Felipe and Delfin. Delfin is a sosyalista. He believes that the society that works should have the rights to enjoy whatever is the fruit of their labour. He was raised from a poor family and he is studying law. He believes that fairness in the society can only be achieved in a peaceful way, a battle that doesn’t need even a single blood to shed. On the other hand, Felipe is an anarkista. He believes in the forceful way of destroying the existing powers and cruelty harbored by the rich landowners. He wants to dispel the abusive members of society who rule society. Even though he is the son of a rich town leader, Felipe hates the cruel ways of his father. He would rather see a society with equal rights and equal status for all its citizens: where there is no difference between the poor and the rich classes.

Due to his hatred of his life as a son of a cruel and rich landowner, Felipe left his home to live a life of poverty. He left his life of luxury in order to join the common class of society. He decided to live with Don Ramon, a godfather through the Catholic sacrament of confirmation, in Manila. Felipe also felt hatred against his godfather who was just like his father: a rich man cruel to his helpers. Felipe fell in love with Tentay, a commoner but with dignity despite of being poor. Felipe was forced by his father to return to their home in the town of Silangan, but was only forced to leave the home after teaching the farmers at household helpers about their inherent human rights.

Don Ramon, Felipe’s godfather, has two siblings. Thalia was the eldest and Meni is the youngest daughter Meni and Talia (Married to a lawyer Honorio Madlang-Layon). Delfin fell in love...

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