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TO: Carlos Conigliaro, Manager Two Cousins

FROM: Devan Lewis, Shift Manager

DATE: January 18, 2013

SUBJECT: Proposal to add wireless Internet to flagship restaurant


Detailed in this memo is the proposal to add wireless Internet (henceforth “Wi-Fi”) to the flagship Two Cousins restaurant. The proposal details the benefits of adding Wi-Fi to the store as well as addresses a time frame, cost benefits, and solutions to the security issues.


Business has become increasingly cut throat in Quarryville as the economy tightens. As of current, there are seven pizza shops within a five-mile radius of Quarryville and with this competition comes the need for an advantage. At its current location, Two Cousins receives a great deal of business from local businesses within the TownsEdge shopping center. The shopping center provides a great deal of walking traffic for the business in addition to its center-of-town location. While this is an advantage the competition lacks, it is not enough to push ahead.

McDonald’s, a leader in its industry, currently offers free Wi-Fi in over 11,500 stores. This alludes to FreeHotSpot.com’s survey indicating a 96% customer return rate to places that offer free Wi-Fi. In addition to McDonald’s, Punch Pubs, a chain of taverns, is in the process of converting all licensees to free Wi-Fi. Both of these restaurants have run tests and come to the conclusion that free Wi-Fi not only pays for itself, it also increases business. By following suit, Two Cousins could grasp a market not yet entered in the town of Quarryville.

By initiating a trial run in Two Cousins flagship store, business has the potential to grow and override competition. Adding Wi-Fi has the ability to draw in customers for longer periods of time, therefore increases the chances of them purchasing. The main benefit, however, is the alteration in how the business is viewed. Giving customers access to their main source of...

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