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October 28, 2012

Assignment Three

Part 1: Computer Systems


1. In this situation, what are some of the forms of feedback the salesperson can expect during and after the presentation?

Some of the forms of feedback that the salesperson can expect during the presentation are questions from the group of people, comments and nonverbal responses such as gestures and frowns. The salesperson has the advantage of receiving instant feedback through the customers reactions. Some forms of feedback that the salesperson can expect after the presentation are again questions and comments but also he can ask the crowd for feedback through customer inquires, reply cards and polls from all the people involved. Consumer feedback is important because it is the part of the receivers response that is communicated back to the sender, and this also closes the loop in the communication process and helps to see if the intended message was received.

Part 2: Commercial


1. What are some of the challenges of measuring feedback to this type of channel (Television Commercial)?

Some of the challenges of measuring feedback through a television commercial is that since direct contact with consumers is not used there must be some other means to determine how their message is received.

2. How has the show, “American Idol”, used technology to create a more interactive experience for their viewers?

American Idol has used technology to create a more interactive experience to their viewers by having the phone in polls to decide who goes home each week. They use the phone in polls because this gives the viewers the opportunity to decide who stays and who goes based on votes from the viewers.

Part 3: Sony VAIO

1. Who is the source/sender?


2. What words, signs, symbols, etc have been used to encode the message?

Words, signs and symbols that are used to encode the message are first Sony's iconic VAIO which most everyone knows...

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