System Proposal

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System Proposal
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This chapter contains the researched review done by the proponents about the related ideas regarding the proposed system. It includes the differences and similarities found among other Intranet — Rental System and Billing System. This chapter constitutes more on the study of the System Literature Side. It covers the related view and ideas presenting other rental system made possible by other proponents and programmers.

Billing System

A Billing System is a combination of a software application/s and Database/s designed too take customer information regarding charges to be made to that customer. This is not specific to any industry and there are many types of billing systems from simple one off invoicing of products and services, which you experience every day when you enter a shop and purchases products or pay to get carpets cleaned, to receiving monthly bills for Utilities and Telecommunications Services, as examples. These include fixed reoccurring charge (Line Rental, Fixed Monthly Broadband or Sky TV Charge), one-off charges (Mobile Handset, Modem, Skybox, Even that Termination Charge for breaking the contract). These are all examples of types of charges which a billing system will process and calculate into the invoice which you receive either by post or possibly via email. A feature of most modern billing systems is the ability to have different payment options, such as Direct Debit. You are still billed each month and the Billing System may still produce an invoice, but payment is taken direct from your Bank Account or Credit Card. 

Rental System

A rental system is a set of organizational tools, including for example database management software, along with certain kinds of product inventory that enable a business to lease or rent those products in return for capital. The availability of management systems to choose from, in setting up a rental business, can vary as widely as the good rented including...

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