Evolution of Management

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Unit 2 Assignment: Evolution of Management

The Evolution of Management consists of these four theories, classical, behavioral, systems and contingency.

The classical theory appears to be single minded with the primary focus being more on management, systems and the machinery necessary to produce products. The behavioral theory while different than the classical theory actually brought attention to the fact that management was too focused on the production and not the worker. By focusing more on the worker, taking the time to train them properly and finding ways to motivate them, the more production you would receive from your workers. The systems theory approach took the behavioral theory a step farther by viewing each department and worker not as separate parts of the business but as a whole. Each department or segment of the business was necessary to keep the business running smoothly. Without one of those segments the business would not operate efficiently and would fail in achieving its goal. The systems theory then drove the creation of the contingency theory. The contingency theory looks at all of the variables created by worker production, relationships between workers and management, the company and its customers, suppliers, financial investors as well as decisions by the executive team and board of directors and the impact it has on all aspects of the business.

It is my opinion that the systems and contingency theory are important in today’s business environment. The business world is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies being created at a rapid pace. Today’s society wants products and services immediately and to be able to customize them just as fast. To be successful in this environment you not only have to cultivate relationships within your organization but you also have to build strong ties with your customer and suppliers. Successful corporations today know that each business segment is crucial in helping move the...