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There are thousands of colors in the world and everyone has their own preference of them. You can chose from bright colors to dark, fun to gloomy and even simple to custom colors. Personal one color has stuck out to me in life and has been my favorite color since I was 13. That color is aquamarine! The different light shades of blue and green that mix to create this color are amazing. How this all started was when I was in the 5th grade my mother brought me this aquamarine American eagle polo shirt for Easter that I wasn’t too fond of because I thought other kids would think it was girly. Once I got to church I got numerous compliments by older adults and younger children my age. This made me embrace the shirt and its soft blue color. I then later began wanting my mother to buy me multiple shirts and accessories this color all the time. I also later found out that aquamarine was my birthstone for March. When I found that out I really started to go crazy and enjoy the color more than ever. It almost became an obsession. In addition, when I use to see pictures from international beaches across the world with their clear, “aquamarine” water it just continued to feed my obsession with this color. This obsession led to a lot of my other personal likings throughout my life still to this day. My favorite basketball team became the New Orleans Hornets because there aquamarine uniforms, My little league basketball team jerseys were this color, and even my braces rubber bands were almost this color. I attended a uniform school where everything was uniform but your choice of footwear, of course my mother wanted me to wear sneakers that matched with the red tops we had to wear but I chose to wear these teal aquamarine colored sneakers with my uniform. Furthermore, for my sixteenth birthday party my parents even surprised me with a very expensive watch with aquamarine diamond stone in it that I protect with my life to this day. It means even more to today based on...

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