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Problems and Exercises

Appendix A

1. The use-case diagram shown in Figure A-1 captures the Student billing function but does not contain any function for accepting tuition payment from students. Revise the diagram to capture this functionality. Also, express some common behavior among two use cases in the revised diagram by using “include” relationships.

1. Student to the billing counter

2. Billing counter to the acceptation of registration

3. Registration to verification of subjects and courses

4. Validate whether the student has completed prescribed courses

5. Approval from the respective course coordinators

6. Final billing made on the student to make payment of his fees.

In this entire process you need to understand what the needs of the student are and then bill them as per the requirements of the course which they are bound to enroll. There should not be a blind system of billing everybody without any purpose.

Appendix B

1. When should you use an Agile method, and when should you use an engineering-based method for developing a system? Support your answer

Agile methods are adaptive in nature as it embraces and adapts to changes. It also focuses on people rather than process. Agile methods are a young model of project management that can be utilized to amend the success, business evaluate, and return on investment of high-risk and extremely composite projects in today’s active, riotous, and majorly unsure marketplace.

Engineering processes are predictive in nature, process focused, and they do not support changes So when there is a system that will remain stable for a long period of time engineering approach is good to adapt. We should apply an engineering grounded method for developing a system when to better the quality of the production procedure. Engineering-based methods incline to attempt to plan out a large part of the procedure in great discussion for a long span of time, this functions well until things alter. So their quality is to...