Scie207 Phase 3 Lab

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Date: September 29, 2013

Instructor’s Name: Robert Carter

Assignment: SCIE207 Phase 3 Lab Report

Title: Taxonomy Lab to Show Organism Relationships

Instructions: You will need to fill out the data table and answer a set of questions.

When your lab report is complete, post it in Submitted Assignment files.

Part 1: Using the lab animation, fill in the following data tables to help you answer the questions that follow:

Table 1: Samples 1–5

|Phylum/Division |Sample 1: Chrysophyta |Sample 2: Annelida |Sample 3: Arthropoda |Sample 4: Amphibia |Sample 5: Aves |

|Common Feature |Unicellular, primary |Segmented body |External skeleton and |Can obtain oxygen from |Able to fly; covered with|

| |producers | |segmented body |aquatic and terrestrial |feathers |

| | | | |biomes | |

|Nutrition |autotrophic |Heterotrophic: earthworms |Some are vegetarian, some|These are usually |heterotrophic |

|How does the organism break down and absorb food? | |eat their way through |are carnivores, and some |vegetarian as tad poles | |

| | |dirt, so they are |decomposers |and carnivores as...

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