Gb 560 Complete Course - Kaplan (All Assignments and Discussions)

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GB 560 Complete Course - Kaplan (All assignments And Discussions)

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Unit 1 Assignment: Individual Project

Over the course of the next five weeks, your assignments will build from one week to the next until, in Unit 5, you have a fully prepared Business Process Change document. Each week you will address specific issues that will add to what you have completed in previous units or will serve as a foundation for information you will add in future units. In Unit 5 you will be responsible for preparing and submitting a final change management document encompassing your responses /answers from Units 1-4 (revised as necessary to address issues/concerns made by your professors each week).

You must use the Assignment template contained in Doc Sharing and prepare your Business Process

Change document using APA format (use the Kaplan Writing Center for assistance, if necessary).

Please note that you will need to obtain sources particular to the industry and/or organization selected. If you believe a confidentiality issue might arise particular to the organization you select, it is best to choose a publicly traded company. In other words, it is your responsibility to ensure you have access to the information required for this project. In short, please do not share any proprietary information regarding your organization.

Please submit this Assignment with your name, course number, section, and date to the

Dropbox before the end of the unit.

Hint: For details on using drop boxes in this course, click on the Academic Tools tab above, then

Dropbox Guide.

Project Details

Below are the details Scenario

Select one of the industries listed below and one type of organization relating to that industry (you will use this industry throughout the...