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Executive summary

The purpose of this communication is not about Information technology, but about our vertically integrated supply chain and a tool that can help us maintain our competitive edge. Firstly I need to remind you of the main recipe of our success, and what defines us as the ones to chase in this industry. We are Pathfinders, we create, our competitors notice, and they follow .We are the leaders in this industry and our success came through effective communication at all levels of management, we have been successful in closing the information loop and we have to keep it so.

Our problem is not immediate but non-the less it needs attention before it blossoms into a monster. We have thrived because of our capabilities to pay attention to our targeted audience, the communication super highway we created between all levels of management has made this endeavor a success .For it to function the way it has always did, it needs constant Upgrades. It’s with this reasoning that I am ordering a change in the operating system of Zara’s point of Sale.

Firstly it should never take a crisis, such as system failure to force us to change. Change is a positive sign of advancement and growth; we have constantly changed our other computing devices to keep up with the latest communication technology. Store’s PDAs are an example that comes to mind we have changed them constantly as and when technological advances such as color screens became available.

Secondly even with all the assurances from the hardware vendor that they won’t change from our current operating system I have failed to get such assurances in our written contracts. This leaves me with a good reason to doubt that they will stand with us when times calls for it, if they can’t legally commit to it in good times.

WE also need to keep in mind that the system that we are moving up to, though not tested by Zara, It’s a system that has worked in other industries and organizations and proved to be a...