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ENGL 112 Entire Course (NEW) - DeVry

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Profile Process Piece Week 1 DeVry

My chosen topic for next week’s paper is about Clara Kirk, a woman who has a shelter setup in place to help women and children in need.

I can show the perspective of the Anonymous donator, who helped save the shelters before it was too late. Since I’ve actually physically worked here I know first-hand how big of a deal this was.

My purpose for writing is to communicate my messages thoroughly. I enjoy writing because it is easier for me to interpret emotions, feelings and thoughts into words rather than…

The Profile Essay Week 2 DeVry

Using the plans you outlined in last week’s Profile Process Piece assignment, you are now ready to compose the Profile essay. Be sure to read this week’s lecture and Chapter 5 in your text for more information about writing profiles, keeping these key components in mind:

Two women’s shelter that have basically been on life support for nearly two decades are now fighting to keep their doors open as more and more debt piles up. On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013, Clara Kirk, a 72-year old woman, said she was having difficulties paying for two different gas and water bills at her shelters that she runs to provide for women and children in need. One of the bills was roughly $21,000 and another bill was around $11,000 (Hutson, 2013). Due to the fact that she was unable to take care of those bills, the gas was…

Extended Draft Outline of Rhetorical Analysis Week 3 DeVry

This week, you will be working on the Rhetorical Analysis by starting to draft and organize your ideas. You will submit an Extended Draft Outline this week to the Dropbox for your professor to grade. The purpose of this assignment is to begin collecting information and putting it in writing as you prepare for the 3- to 4-page final Rhetorical Analysis you...