Human Drugs for Veterinary Use Market Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, Overview and Pipeline Review, H1 2016

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Human Drugs For Veterinary Use Market Symptoms,

Treatment, Causes, Overview and Pipeline Review, H1 2016


GBI Research's latest report, ""Human Drugs For Veterinary Use Current Trends and Future Commercial Prospects

for Crossover Drugs"", discusses global commercial trends and prospects for human medicines applied in the

veterinary setting, also called crossover drugs. A wide range of human drugs continue to be applied in the

veterinary space due to a lack of approved animal therapies, convenience and the rising costs of veterinary


This new report provides insights into Extra-label Drug Use (ELDU), its application in the veterinary setting and

other guidelines and regulations followed by professionals in the animal health industry. Through a series of indepth case studies this report provides insights into the rationale for the transition of several human drugs to the

veterinary setting as well as disease overviews, competing treatments, manufacturer information, dosage forms,

cost of therapy and other insightful marketing information. Our new study also identifies and explores important

drivers and restraints of the crossover drugs market.

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Information leveraged from our robust industry-leading database shows a diverse range of marketed human drugs

being used in companion animals especially cats, dogs and horses. Our new report includes detailed profiles of key

animal health companies with diverse portfolios of crossover drugs as well as strategies being employed by

competitors in this market to leverage human therapies into the veterinary space. Additionally, we identify

emerging companies marketing various crossover drugs across a range of therapy areas.

GBI Research conducted extensive research in order to provide a comprehensive view of the current trends and

commercial prospects for crossover drugs. This new report...