Educational Philosophy

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Name: Chrysanthemum B. Duro

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Educational Philosophy

I believe that “education is the key to unlock success”. So, individual must teach thoroughly in order for the child to become success. Every child has their own perception in life and they wanted to become. Every child has their own ability and behavior.

As a future educator, I want my students to reach their goal. I want them to aim high and hit the goal to have a better life. I want my students someday to become an example of the society and influence others in order to have a better society. I should master my lesson and present to them an organize lesson. I will use variety of strategies to have a meaningful and enjoyable classroom discussion. I will imply classroom management and well-designed lesson plan to have a higher achieving students. Especially in mathematics, many students fear and have anxiety in math. I want to show to them how important and how math is used in day to day life.

I want to teach students in a way that has some straightforward instruction, but that also gives students room to grow and expand on their own. At the beginning of the year, it is understandable for the teacher to lead class discussions, but towards the end of the year, students will pose their own questions and try to answer them independently. I feel it is beneficial for students to sometimes work for the answer rather than being told because it stretches their knowledge and teaches them how to find information in a variety of ways. I also feel a key to success is for the class to work on projects to help others. As an educator, it is important not only to help the students that you are teaching, but also give them direction to help others.

In my classroom, I want to be organize and has a climate of peace and harmony. I want students to have freedom that allows for expression and creativity....