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Scouting Out the Hypocrisy and Injustice

To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel about youth seeing evil, hypocrisy, and injustice in an adult society. Tom Robinson, a black man, who was charged of raping a white female mainly because of his skin colour. Lula, a coloured citizen of Maycomb, disapproved of Jem and Scout attending the “black/coloured” church since they were white. Lastly, Mrs. Gates teaching her class about Hitler and how judging people by where they are from isn’t right. Scout and Jem, youths, noticed that these things listed above were wrong and not fair. In, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee powerfully analyzes how children see the bad in an adult’s society, and thus strive to seek for a positive change.

Tom Robinson’s case was based on his skin colour, a prejudice and injustice act. Nobody could see that Mr. Robinson was innocence except the Finch family (not including Aunt Alexandra). His trial was based on how he was black which was very unfair. At first no lawyer wanted to work on his trial because he was a “niggro” and they all knew that they would get hate towards it, also they all thought he would lose either way. So, when Atticus offered to take his trial, seeing that he wasn’t like all the other white people in Maycomb, he got a lot of hate and ridicule from the whites. Even Scout and Jem started to get bullied, mainly Scout as it was her first year in school, and made fun of because of their dad helping a black man. Later on in the novel, Tom Robinson was declared guilty. He didn’t rape the woman, Mayella, but he was black and at the time people would have believed a white more than a black person. Scout and Jem, who were watching the whole trial, were really upset and confused when Mr. Robinson was charged guilty because they knew that he was innocent and they thought that their father, Atticus, had strong points on why he wouldn’t be guilty. That’s when later on the kids finally realize that the town they are living in isn’t how they...

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