Different Useful Systems in Ftm Cone Crusher

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Cone crusher, as the advanced machine used for secondary or tertiary crushing, is more and more popular in these years. Inside the TIMs instrument tank, there is a monitoring system. We can use it to monitor the working situation of cone crushers like oil temperature, oil flow and oil pressure of major lubricating system, oil temperature of upper arm bearing and oil pressure in hydraulic system.

To better decrease the size of finished products, we can conveniently adjust the eccentric distance by adjusting the eccentric sleeve. Lubricating system in cone crusher adopts the active dust-proof and the dedusting effect is quite good. For cone crusher, it adopts the current popular dust-proof technology.

At the outer side of axle box, there is a small fan and it blows wind into lubricating system. Since the inner pressure is larger than exterior pressure, dust is hard to enter. Since the cone crusher is equipped with a higher dust cover, a dust ring and a cleaner, the dedusting effect is quite good and ideal.

For the work of cone crusher, the largest damage is nothing more than the burnt iron and it is hard to be avoided. Even though the traditional crusher adopts the elastic coupling, insurance cylinder and over-current protection, its teeth is still more or less damaged. Inside the new hydraulic cone crusher, there is a safety coupling and it is effective to crush those matters that are difficult to be crushed. Besides, it can protect the transmission teeth from being damaged.

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