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Consider,for example,the decision to keep a pet. The pet can make you happy and relax even if you just feel tired or bored, even are angry. There is no exact reason why it can do so much thing, but it is true.

But what is the cost?To answer this question,you might be tempted to spend your money on its food and drink. One thing to be mentioned is that the cost includes some things that are not your money. Even if others help you to feed it, you need to get on well with it,but how? You need to spend time and pay your attention to understand what it wants. When it feels cold, you need to keep it warm; when it feels lonely, you need to talk with it, touch its head and body gently and softly, when it shouts loudly, you need to make it calm. When it jumps onto your tablet to eat your food, you need to teach it how to be polite. When it becomes dirty,you need to wash it, if not there will be many small insects in its fur and they are bad to its health.Indeed,the cost of food and drink might be less than the cost of giving it somewhere comfortable to live with you. If it’s unhappy it will be ill and you need to spend much more time to take care of it. Maybe you can get another pet as its friend when you’re too busy to play with it,but you need to cost much more to take care of its friend.