Mobile Data and Wifi Monetization Market Analysis, Demand, Growth and Opportunities to 2018

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The global wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) market was valued at around USD 15 billion in 2015. It is

expected to grow at a CAGR of around 18% and reach around USD 633 billion by 2018.

The unquenchable demand for continuous broadband availability has transformed mobile data

into a revenue growth engine for mobile network operators (MNO). Operators are exploring

different approaches to draw new users and grow mobile data revenue, including networkcentric, user-centric and WiFi-centric strategies. Some driving operators are building scale and

revenue share through technological and performance leadership. Other operators are leveraging

their powerful user analytics capabilities to design differentiated packaging and compelling

offers to drive mobile data uptake and usage. In addition, MNOs are increasingly exploiting

synergies stemming from WiFi connectivity, making WiFi a key element of the mobile

broadband service proposition.

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WiFi is gaining importance among operators both as a tool to provide seamless broadband

connectivity and as a services platform. Mobile network operators are leveraging WiFi to retain

customers, increase their spend share and reduce network costs. While MNOs and WiFi

infrastructure providers expand their WiFi hotspot footprint, emerging models such as WiFi First

are changing the rules of the game.

Increasing use of smart devices in medical, educations, retail, hospitality and healthcare sector,

and others, and the need for public Wi-Fi hotspots are expected to drive market growth for the

Wi-Fi market. The mobile data and Wi-Fi market is split into applications,...