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BASIC MARKETING (the questions have equal weights):

1) Give examples on how Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) can improve McDonalds’ image on the German market. Are there any disadvantages in using CSR?


Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) is the ethical responsibilities to the environment. How the companies actions affect the environment and the general public. It is all about accepting that your companies action influence the world around you and that it is your responsibility to minimize or stop the negative affects on the environment.

It is something that is being done all over the world and it is very important to do, if you wish to grow as a company and maintain your customers.

They could improve the working experience in general for employees at McDonalds such as providing them with higher payment in salaries, more vacation, improving the social environment at the job etc.

Disadvantages of inducing CSR are;

Cost: it is expensive to set CSR in motion depending on the CSR activity you will do. It can lead to higher costs in terms of acquiring more people for the job, setting of time to set things in motion, and These cost will affect the shareholders equity.

Reduce competitiveness.

2) Discuss the influence that social media as a marketing tool has on the younger generation. How can companies benefit from using social medias in their marketing activities.


Social media, is defined such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, various video/photo sharing sites such as Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo. Etc.

A lot of today’s marketing goes on through our phones, because for most people it is an exstension of ourselves. An important and effective tool to keep us close and connected to our family, friends, followers and fans.

Therefore it is the best way to access consumers through their smartphones. As a marketer you have the power to reach all who uses social media if your message is provided at proper terms and is viewed as...