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Hulleza, Ymer Ann P. BSED-English III T32

Teaching Strategies for Outcomes-Based Education


Milagros L. Borabo, Ph.D.


Heidi Grace L. Borabo, Ph.D.

A. Bibliography


Milagros L. Borabo, Ph.D.

* Program Director, CEU Professional and Continuing Education

* PAFTE Executive Secretary

Heidi Grace L. Borabo, Ph.D.

* Faculty, School of Education

* Liberal Arts, Music Social Work

* Secretary, CEV, SELAMS, Alumni, ACEI

Professional journal:

“The Professional Teacher”

Volume IV number 2

Published on 2007

B. Summary

Diversity of the learners must be given an emphasis for the quality of the learnings given to them.

Educators must be able to demonstrate and culminate the competencies of the curriculum. Learnings should be connected and applied on the real situations of the learners.

Learning is not significant unless the outcomes reflect the complexities in real life and give prominence on the life roles that the learners will face after they have finished their formal education

( Spady 1998: 25 ). Education aims to create desirable teaching and learning experiences. It is the teacher’s role to assess the students learning and to facilitate the information.

Spady and Kitten had a basic principles for transformational OBE.

1. Clarity of Focus- implementation and evaluation should be geared by the outcomes which are expected or the culminating demonstration of the learners.

2. Design Down- curriculum and educational activities should be designed from the point where the outcomes are expected to happen.

3. High Expectations- elicit higher level standards that would normally set as only those who can labeled completed.

4. Expanded Opportunities- provide for a flexible approach in time and teaching methodologies matched against the needs of the learners.

Since teachers play an vital role in the learning process, they...