Eating Disorders as Auto-Addiction: a Perspective Involving the Opioid System

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Psychological assessment is defined as an assessment and evaluation and provides necessary information that is given to the examiner (Psychological, p 1). Psychological assessment is also known as psychological testing. You give this information either in the form of answers to interview questions or as answers on paper or on a computer to specific questions. Ultimately, a tests accuracy depends on how carefully and seriously you answer the questions that are asked (Psychological par. 1). There are four types of psychological assessments I will focus on: intelligence tests, achievement tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions (Mayer & Mitchell, 1998). The emotional intelligence model gives an individual the ability to control emotional breakdowns and enhance emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has five components that include the following:





Social Skills

With all of these dimensions one learns how to deal with one self and with others with social interaction (Mayer & Mitchell, 1998). There are strengths and weaknesses with all humans and some reflect a higher self confidence than others. The object of this type of measurement is to determine these individual factors and enhance them. Managerial work “requires cognitive ability, not very many physical abilities, and some degree of emotional intelligence” (George, 2005) and organizational commitment “is the collection of feelings and beliefs that people have about their organization as a whole” (George, 2005). It is to be noted that human error is an ongoing concern within organizations. The key to this knowledge is to realize this, to be able to identify issues of concern, and to be able to immediately take action to correct any potential problems that could potentially result. Effective communication, honesty, sincerity, and consistency...