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1. What are the problems with the existing system of the Cincinnati Zoo?

* Finding ways to both reduce its cost and increase revenues from sources such as admissions, memberships, food purchases, and merchandise purchases.

* * From the point-on-sale system, only the management can assess it without considering that the zoo unable its employees to know information they needed to make better operational decisions.

* * Lastly, the objective they are trying to achieve also is not usually for a non-profit organization, it’s somehow allied to mid-market companies.

2. What are the data that are available to the zoo management and staff?

* Data Available for Management: Cincinnati Zoo makes use of four separate legacy point-of-sale systems with a single platform to provide data on all admission, membership, retail and food service sales. Also, more than two thirds of its $26 million annual budget is generated through its own fundraising efforts their business objectives

* Data Available for Staff: Monitor the number of visitors in certain areas, the zoo staff members make their rounds to observe.

* Both: Business Objectives were already stated.

3. How can these data be used to help the following perform their work better to achieve the business objectives of the Cincinnati Zoo?

* The aforementioned data are very much important on achieving the organization objectives. The following would be the reasons why is it useful:

* For the Zoo’s Management, the knowledge of having a point-a-sale system would help them assess the sales and revenues easily.

* If you already know what goal to achieve, it would be easy already to think what perfect solution and what considerations should make. So, the management and its staff could realize a best strategy for the best objectives.