India Solar Parks (Version 1) Market Research Report 2016

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India is aiming to become the top solar markets in the world. It has revised solar target of 100 GW from the planned 20 GW solar power by 2022 under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Various solar power projects are going on in India and at present the total installed capacity of solar power projects has reached a record 5,130 MW with installed capacity of 1,385 MW in current financial year.

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Many solar parks are coming up in states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.The report provides information on top global and Indian solar parks including critical decision making parameters for project implementation, risk factors, regulatory approvals and SWOT analysis with an overview of the industry in a south Indian state as an example. 10% of the report is customisable as per customer requirements.

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Table Of Content

Executive Summary

Section 1 Market Research on Solar Parks in India

Chapter 1 Secondary Research

1.1 Market Overview

1.2 Current Market Scenario

1.2.1 Top three Solar Parks in World

1.2.2 Top three Solar Parks in India

1.2.3 Developmental Solar Park projects in World

1.3 Historic and future demand for Solar Parks in India

1.4 Present Government of India policy on Solar Parks

1.5 Scale of the project and Resource Requirements in terms of Land and Capital

1.6 Potential investors - PE/JV/Financers

1.7 Risk Factors

1.8 List of regulatory approvals

1.9 SWOT analysis

1.10 Recommendations

Chapter 2 Primary Research

2.1 Primary Research with Central Government

Section 2 Overview on South Indian State

Chapter 3 Secondary Research

3.1 Present Tamil Nadu state policy on Solar Parks

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