Time Management

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Time Management


Topic: How can time management increases revenue in an organization?





            Long-term work objectives are: guaranteed productivity and customer relations, sustainable competitive advantage when it comes to technologies involved in the operations, and also employee development. On the other hand, short-term goals include the application of theoretical and experiential learning as well as continuous learning within the workplace. In managing my time and achieving objectives, it is very vital to maintain a schedule which indicates the lists of activities to be done with particular allocation of time. All activities to be done should be directed to the achievement of the desired goal. However, there are times wherein constraints are present. Among this are unpredictable changes brought about by lack of resources (e.g. financial or human resources) and the flexibility of the plan itself.

Time management is one of the essential factors in business development. In the processes of planning in business, time management can help enhance the flexibility of employees and business progress (Yukl, 2002).  During the turn of the century, the world experiences more drastic changes than before, which include changes in the environment, culture, education, knowledge, the society, and technology. The world has evolved into a massive ball of information and technology that led to the expansion and the development of the society in several aspects. However, despite the improvement of the performance of many companies, these changes also contributed to the distress of some, which are not apt for these changes. From this, it can be understood that, existing and persisting in the business industry is not as easy as it seems. Because of these, many business organisations and companies are encountering a variety of problems and issues that determine their success or failure in the business arena and in the industry and even the construction...