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lassic Airlines

Classic Airlines and Marketing


June 26, 2011

Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline. The company was established 25 years ago and developed a fleet of more than 375 jets that service 240 cities with more than 2,300 daily flights. The company business operations are profitable when compared to with the first 25 years but recently Classic Airlines has been challenged with several marketing tests because of augmented costs and reduced consumer guarantees. However, the airline industry in general is facing a decline in industry share prices and Classic Airlines followed suit with a 10% decrease within the past year. The entire airline industry has been under scrutiny recently and the harmful press affects investors in regard to the airline industry and its operations, consumers, and the media has resulted in poor employee moral for Classic Airlines (University of Phoenix).

Companies working in a business environment and with the responsibility of marketing are essentially performing an organizational task and using a set of measures that produce, convey and provide value to consumers by tackling customer relationships in various ways so that a company and its stakeholders can profit. Marketing provides a fundamental aspect to any companies’ success and proposes ways to learn the needs, wants, and desires of customers satisfying them in a unique way. Any company involved in activities and marketing similar to Classic Airlines makes use of marketing techniques. However, because no tangible product is produced or offered for sale, Classic Airlines instead offers a service to both consumers and potential consumers, by assisting with the arrangement of travel tours, business flights and vacation travels.

Currently, the services offered by Classic Airlines are offered in an economic situation of uncertainty and decline because of the fall off in airline industry shares and demand. The conditions within the...