Time Management

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Assignment: Time Management Skills

I use a planner to write down schedules of my appointments and papers according to due date. I prioritize my tasks based on both the due date and the number of points assignments are worth. The higher the value of the assignment the higher it appears on my priority list. I post a copy of the class schedule and due dates near the computer where I do the majority of my class work. Each day I create a to-do list and continuously update it by adding new tasks or crossing off tasks when they are completed. In addition to my planner and wall schedule I use my calendar on my Iphone to set reminders for assignments and papers due dates. I also have downloaded the university app for the IPhone and can check emails and due dates and answer questions right from my phone. My support group is made up of my wife, parents and wife’s parents. They support me when time is needed to read and do my class work. My wife was very instrumental in my returning to school. My entire support group is available to help me with parts of my school work when I have questions or do not understand the assignment. In case of computer problems I have a few items that are used as backup. I have all my assignments saved to my computer as well as a memory stick. I can use my phone to post messages and do some of my class work. I also have access to a laptop computer in case of problems with our main computer. I start out by hand writing all of my assignments and save all the papers until the class has ended. I keep track of assignments due dates in a couple of different ways. I write them in a planner and make a copy of the planner to post on the wall near my computer where I do my class work. I also have reminders set on my phone to alert me of upcoming due dates for assignments. I check in on the class room website daily to double check due dates and make sure my assignments are being posted properly and on time.