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To: All Department Managers

From: Kristen Huffman, CEO & President

Date: [ 8/28/2011 ]

Re: Department Budgets

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. To take the next step in sequence with our recent annual strategic planning session with the company senior staff, individual department budgets are needed and due 30 days from the date of this memo. Our company financial budgets must be strategically planned according to the recent changes in the economy and the needs of our consumer markets.

In order to meet our organization’s financial goals, we must integrate our strategic plans for change into our department budgets. The key team players and their roles in creating a strategic plan are detailed below.

Enclosed herewith is a spreadsheet to be used to create your department budgets. The instructions explaining how each of you should complete your respective budgets with the resources provided are detailed below.

To assist in your budget planning, a sales forecast predicting company sales over the next 2 years is provided and should be considered.

Summary of Roles

In the beginning stages of this project it going to be crucial that each department communicates with each other. Finance and Accounting will be coming around to each department (sales and marketing, operations, IT, and HR) manager to work out the details of a budget. The budget for the entire project has already been created, but department managers need to work together to allow each department their piece of the pie. Once each department is aware of their budget details sales and marketing team will begin the process of creating a creative marketing campaign. The IT team will play a large role in the implementation of the marketing ideas. In order for this project to be successful, marketing and IT need to work closely together to limit the amount of hiccups along the way.

Human resources (HR) and operations will be working on a number of behind the...