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INFS 600

Information Systems

Spring 2005

Tuesday 4:30-7:05

Professor: Dr. Peggy M. Beranek Office: 250e Dwire

Web site:

Phone Number: 719/ 262-3196

Email: Office hours: Tuesday 3:00-4:30

Course Objectives:

This course provides the student with an overview of the major principles in Information Systems. We will cover general topics such as: information, the value of information, the importance of information systems, how information systems are built, how information systems are utilized in business, how decisions are made, and societal issues associated with information systems

Teaching Methodology:

Information systems and concepts are presented and illustrated using text and lecture material describing the components and variations of ISs. Examples are used to exemplify implementation problems. Discussions of reading assignments and in class group work will allow sharing of information. Computer assignments will be used to reinforce the presented concepts with practical examples.


You are expected to have the assignments finished before class, assignments are due at the beginning of class. All outside work is to be done independently unless otherwise specified. All students are expected to participate in discussions of the assigned reading, class participation will be evaluated on relevance to the material and to the discussion at hand and on the quality of the comments. The percentages for your final grade are:

|Component |Percentage |Points |Description |

|Quiz 1 |16 |80 |In class |

|Quiz 2  |16 |80 |In class |

|Quiz 3...