George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language Summary

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George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language brings a new outlook at our native speaking language. For George Orwell, English has transformed into simply a bad language that has been slacked off on. Our society determined itself to be the best that it could be to greatly influence our society into the modern world. The English language has collapsed, and therefore been corrupted by slang and vernacular speech to the point there is no fixing it. Many unnecessary words have accumulated, brought into our language having a negative impact on verbal communication. Numerous examples given by Orwell state that,“ a modern day writer uses staleness of imagery, vagueness, incompetence and dying metaphors which nobody understands the true meaning of”. Some contributions he states are words that are overused, which have completely lost their meaning and therefore have become unbearable to read. The elimination of simple verbs to make the writers feel more intelligent has been tackled and therefore the language suffers. A passive voice which takes the action of the sentence into the subject of the sentence has been overused when the simplest way is to use is active voice in writing. People often times use foreign words that sound more intellectual, causing the diction to screw over the clarity of ones words. Many words have multiple meanings in different contexts which cause the reader to be confused and unable to be understood. These words are used too frequently and have lost the true meaning of the English language.

The analysis of the language is not to criticize but to educate. Improper use has devalued the English language which impacts Politics in our society. Bad language has consequences and bad consequences leads to bad life and bad thinking. If the thoughts of Politicians are based on bad language, our world can alter everyone’s thinking to sugar coated reality. Bad politics affects our life and our everyday thinking. People use nicer words...