Management Accountants in Every Company Should Measure and Report on Every Function in the Company’s Value Chain

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We agrees the statement of “Management Accountants in every company should measure and report on every function in the company’s value chain”. The role of management accountant play in a company’s value chain function like research and development, product services process design, production, marketing, distribution and customer services.

Management Accountant should measure and report on every function in company’s value chain because the value chain of the company may be useful for identify and understand how to do can achieve competitive strengths and core competence in the marketplace. The purpose of the value chain is to maximize value creation while minimizing costs.

Firstly, we talk about research and development. Management accountant should do the research while the company produces a new product. If the new product is quite popular to the public, it will measure this product can develop in future. It also can exploit the distribution of product. In the product services process design, it is the detail and engineering the product.

Management accountant also play important role in production. Production means that coordinate and assembly of the resources to produce a product or delivery a services to the customer. It also refer to the receiving the materials from suppliers , storing these external sourced materials and handling them within the firm. Furthermore, we need procurement when we plan to produce a product .Procurement represent purchasing the materials and resources that are needed to produce those products for the company’s operations. Management accountant must measure that better procurement is obtaining the highest quality goods at the lower prices.

In addition, management accountant need to pay attention in marketing and sales functions. In this function, it requires manner by which individuals and groups learn about the value and feature of the goods and services. This function required management accountant analyses the needs...