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With the recent deaths in Afghanistan to many Australians it has led to debate on Australians role and involvement in the conflict going on in Afghanistan. I think that Australia should bring their troops home to save people’s lives and to end the war.

The war in Afghanistan sparked when the extremist Islamic group known as al queda who was led by osama bin laden launched an attack on September 11 to the world trade centre in NYC that killed 1000s of people. America tried to negotiate with Afghanistan to hand over osama but refused to to do so. America and Britain sent their respective forces to Afghanistan to complete a mission with the goal of dismantling the al queda group and the Taliban to create a democratic state. The reason why Australia is involved in the issue is because they are allies with America. The partnership dates back to the japan war.

Whilst being in Afghanistan, the Australian defence forse have not only been fighting against the afghans they have also been trying to help the government restore authority and regain control of their country. One of the Australians armies objective is to help prepare Afghanistan for life after the Australian and Americans forces leave by helping them to stabilize their government and help them build a police force trained to deal with crime and Taliban forces. Since being in Afghanistan, Australia has trained almost 700 officers that have been taught to deal with dangerous situations. This group has helped tackle big crime organizations and bring down corrupt officlas. Gizab which is a town in Afghanistan, now has a local police force, this shows that the Australian soldiers have made progress, as the afghan prime minister said ‘this is the beginning of a transition, with the help of the Australian forces’. Australia have helped to the best of their abilities, the only way Afghanistan will now progress more is if they learn to cope on their own and control their country with their own trained officials.

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