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Cloning is putting nuclear DNA from a person into an egg where the nucleus has been removed. The egg grows into an embryo with the same nuclear genome as the donor. A sheep named Dolly was the first successful cloning of an animal, and Dr. Ian Wilmut was the scientist who cloned Dolly.

Some good aspects about cloning are that it could help with infertility problems, and could help people with diseases or medical conditions. The cloning based method called Stem Cell Technology is used to grow stem cells to help develop tissues that could repair damaged tissues, or organs It might also be used to treat problems like nerve damage, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Azheimer’s disease, heart liver and kidney failure, burns, lung damage, and cancer. Cloning your own cells to make a clone of an organ will prevent rejection of the organ from the immune system.

The disturbing aspects of cloning are that the cloning of humans could result in miscarriages, stillbirths, major organ defects, and could even lead to death. Human cloning could also be used as an attempt to improve the human race, and to create genetically super humans. Also, parents may want to make a clone of a lost child. The problem with this is the results would be an embryo, and the child that is born will never be exactly like the child it is cloned from because they would be affected differently by the things around them.

There are moral and ethical issues when talking about cloning. Is it right to clone a human? Cells that are experimented on are usually discarded, and most cells die. The concept of life is in your hands. You can change the genetic makeup of the cell, and most people could say it is like you are playing god. You get to choose whether it lives or dies.

Cloning is not viewed very well by most people. There have been protests against human cloning as well as animal cloning also. The FDA says cloning is sounds, but after two months they had received 3,000 complaints...