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Regardless of Lincoln’s desire and authority to free the slave and allow them to become a part of American society, the White American public refused to follow this principle resulting in the segregation of African Americans from other members of society. “The fight and true-hearted yearning to be owners of their own lives live as equals in society; the African American fought against the Jim Crow laws in the 1950’s and began to take a stand of their right to equal treatment” (Davis, 2009). One example of such perseverance was in 1956 when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. Rosa Park’s bravery to defend her and the rest of African American’s rights caused the Montgomery Alabama bus boycotts by African Americans. The boycott resulted in the first success of the African American population and unethical laws were repelled.

Great leaders such as Martin Luther King and groups such as the Freedom Riders fought for equality though movements of peace and slowly began to earn recognition for their long-lived years of maltreatment and predicaments. The Civil Rights Movement quickly flourished and moved the young Americans and became the central point of political antagonism and hostility of unequal treatment of African Americans. Changes in African American women’s rights also changed in society and new legislation was created to improve the rights of the African American in society.

The powerful movement of civil rights, spread like wild flower up across the country and especially in the South. Most of the equal views and beliefs through the Civil Rights movement were led by the youths. Their message was to abolish the abuse of unequal treatment and discriminatory practices in society that the African American faced on a daily basis. The Civil Rights Movement helped encourage and open the doors of the African American voice. It was through this movement that legislative changes finally began to occur. “Despite opposition from many members of Congress in...