International Management and Hofstede’s Theory of Cultural Relativism

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International Management and Hofstede’s theory of cultural relativism

Part 1

1. Power Distance

My score on power-distance is low and also lower than the average of the Netherlands. I think this is correct. In the companies I worked for, the managers count on the employees and power is more decentralized than in most of the academic literature I have read. Low power distance cultures are conversely, characterized by closer relations or shorter distances between individuals. This applies to the management decision style in most Dutch companies, and this is the style I prefer. In the Netherlands, it is normal for a subordinate to influence the decisions of the superior, which means there is reciprocal dependency between the two.

2. Individualism

My result on individualism is high, my highest result of all dimensions, and like in Hofstede article I care about my family and myself. Also, enough time for personal and family life are particular important for me. I checked the Dutch average, mine was higher, and I think in comparison to other countries this average is right. My colleagues and also my friends care about the things mentioned in his research that cause high individualism.

Last semester I studied abroad. After 6 months in Turkey, I saw that some points of individualism are the same as here. The greatest difference I discovered was how extremely helpful they are and the hospitality they give. People are always trying to help even if they are busy. With that in my mind I saw how individualistic the Dutch society is, and me part of it.

3. Masculinity / Femininity

My masculinity result is twice a high as the Dutch average. I think this average is a right reflection. I’m just a bit higher than average, because I’m a man? As we see in the description that Hofstede gives for people with greater masculinity, I fit at some points in this profile. Having an opportunity for advancement to higher-level jobs, working with people who cooperate well with one...