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My career to date has included a diverse range of experiences within both small and large companies, working independently or as part of teams of varying sizes, either as a team leader or as a contributing member. I’ve been in hands-on and managerial roles, functioning across both tactical and strategic initiatives. The companies I’ve worked for range from very small consulting firms to very large corporations. I have an analytical mind and thrive on any sort of problem solving opportunity.

I’ve become a good liaison between technical and non-technical people. Catering communication in the best manner depending on the specific audience is a valuable skill. I’ve communicated in writing with a variety of documents including technical documentation, end-user application training manuals, business process flow charts, database schematics, Gantt charts, and many more. My verbal communication skills have grown through discussions within teams, presentations to senior leaders, training large and small classes on various topics, customer service, and sales.

Although the focus of my career appears on paper to be primarily Information Technology oriented, it really is much more than that. Yes, I am familiar with a variety of technical environments and proficient in many programming languages, but I have also succeeded working with people in both management and customer service roles. Many years of consulting and project management have taught me how to ask the right questions and more importantly, how to truly listen. Listening is imperative to successfully implementing change.

I would hope for the … program to expand on my current skills, as well as teach me new ones. I would like to increase my confidence in giving presentations and networking. I can learn from other students’ real life business experiences and apply that learning in my own work environment. The program should bring me a broad view of many areas of business management and how those...