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Hannah Murphy

SCIE206-1204B-07: Biology


1). specific biotechnology application did you choose?

-I chose to do my DB post on cloning

2). briefly describe this biotechnology application. How is it done?

- cloning is when an organism is created in the exact genetics as another. The DNA that is shared between the two is exactly the same. Cling is done by simply extracting a small amount of somatic cell tissue from whatever you want to make into a clone, culture the tissue in a lab until there is enough cells. Has anyone heard of the sheep named molly that was cloned? Well the nucleus of the egg cell from the recipient was removed, which eliminates the genetic information. Then the donor cell which is taken from the utter of an adult that contained all the genetic information needed was fused with the egg cell. This egg was jumpstarted by using an electric pulse to make the egg develop into an embryo. Lastly, the embryo was then implanted into the surrogate mother, which carried it to term (sheep, u. t., & egg, w. c. (n.d.).

3). Based upon the definition of biotechnology in the assignment, describe how your biotechnology application is an example of biotechnology.

-Cloning is one of the best examples of biotechnology. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms by humans. Cloning is all about using living organisms to recreate the same exact thing in all aspects of genetics so that they are exactly the same. In today’s world, not only are we doing the physical manipulation on a visual level, but also on a molecular level. In cloning we physically select the characteristics on a molecular level and add it to an organism’s genetic makeup (What is Biotechnology? (n.d.).

4). what benefits are derived from this application?

Here is a list of benefits that are derived from cloning.

1). Cloning can aid in helping save a life by producing an organ to be implanted

2). Cloning can allow animals that are facing extinction to be increased to help...