3. Individual Assignment: Career Development Plan, Part Iii – Performance and Career Management

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Performance and Career Management


InterClean continues to provide career management for new employees. In this weeks career development plan I will address how to give feed back to employees, how to help employees reach a higher level of performance, promotions and educational opportunities available to increase skills, flexible opportunities for dual career parents, adaption to the diversity of the team, and justification of why the report will work. Providing feedback is the most common way improve an employees performance.


Feedback is important to give the employee an idea in which he or she stands as well as areas the employee can improve. Appraisals are typically done annually. To be more efficient individual appraisals will be done quarterly to maximize employee performance, and feedback. Feedback gives the manager the opportunity to discuss performance appraisal one-on-one with the employee. After receiving feedback employees with have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the manager how to improve in areas.

To help employees reach a higher level of performance managers will set goals with the employee and establish objectives in areas in which he or she need improvement. Managers will provide constant supervision and coaching to help keep the employee pointed in the right direction. Human resources will schedule additional training in areas that the employee is weakest in. Performance reviews are used for promotion advancements.

Promotions and Educational Opportunities

Performance reviews and scores are kept in the human resources department under each employee’s individual file. Performance reviews and appraisals are used in determining if an employee is eligible for a promotion when higher positions become available. Performance reviews and appraisals are also used when it is time to give raises to employees.

InterClean provides educational classes to sales managers and outside sales...