Global Business Cultural Analysis – Germany

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BUSI 604

Global Business Cultural Analysis – Germany

Buford C. Toole

Liberty University

Dr. John Karaffa

March 6, 2013


This global business cultural analysis focuses on the impact of the German culture on the business environment in the country. The elements and dimensions of culture are examined, the impacts they have on domestic business are illustrated, a comparison to US business culture is made and implications for US firms desiring to do business in country are outlined. Besides the requirement to learn a degree of German culture in order to succeed, the biggest consideration must be the role Germany plays in the European Union (EU).

Global Business Cultural Analysis – Germany

Germany is an economic power house in Europe and in the world. Renowned for manufacturing quality products, Germany makes an inviting location for American companies seeking a foothold in Europe. As part of the exploratory process for locating in or trading with German companies, it is wise to consider a Global Business Cultural Analysis of Germany. This paper will explore the major elements and dimensions of culture in the region including; communication, religion, ethics, values and attitudes, manners, customs, social structures and organizations and education. Local integration of elements and dimensions to conduct business in Germany will be considered, a comparison with US culture and business will be provided and finally the implications for US business in the region will be discussed.

Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in the Region


Communication plays a key role in all interpersonal relationships whether between acquaintances or colleagues. Understanding the cultural nuances of a region will go a long way toward avoiding misunderstandings which could cost a firm an opportunity to do business in a foreign land. In Germany there are several practices that will prevent these misunderstandings. According to Dean...